Community Service

Joining Duke ASCE is not just about being involved in the engineering community because we also want to use our club as an opportunity to make a difference in the greater community. Whether it be engaging and educating youth in STEM activities or spending a Saturday with Habitat for Humanity, we’ve done several different things throughout the years to give back to those in the surrounding areas. These are just a few:

  • We participated in CANstruction, which collected canned food to donate to local food shelters. To encourage donations, the cans were first used in design competitions with local architectural and engineering firms.
  • We teamed up with SWE (Society of Women Engineers) and had a water day with a local Girl Scout troupe. We taught the girls about water preservation, filtration systems and other environmental engineering ideas that they could implement in their own homes.
  • We got together with a group of 5th grade boys and learned about non-newtonian fluids with Ooblek (cornstarch and water). Since getting messy is sometimes the best way to learn, we filled up a small pool with the Ooblek mixture and let the kids run across it!
  • We had partnered with the Duke Habitat for Humanity team and helped out on a Durham project for a day.
  • We have participated in service events with the local Raleigh/Durham ASCE branch, such as stream clean-ups.

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