Membership and Members

Anyone is welcome to join ASCE!  We are a group open to all years and majors (yes- we do have some Trinity students!) It’s easy to join.

How to Join

Duke ASCE: To join the Duke chapter, you just need to join the listserv. To do this, just send an email to with “SUBSCRIBE ASCE” in the message body. You will then get notifications for all upcoming ASCE meetings and events.

ASCE National Body: To become a national member go to  Don’t worry about the promotional code or sponsor. Also it’s free for students!

Current Officers

If you have any questions about the club and getting involved talk to one of our leaders for 2017-2018:

President: Sara Brown

Vice President of Internal Affairs: Chris Northrup

Vice President of External Affairs: Karyn Saunders

Secretary: Carly Seamon

Treasurer: Courts Montgomery

Social Chair: Kyle Baer

Conference Planning Chair: Sam Villalobos

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